29 June 2016
Vol 8, Issue 345

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ONLINE COVER Selectin(g) a Treatment Target. P-selectin is a leukocyte adhesion molecule that is usually present on activated blood vessels. P-selectin is often found on tumor vasculature as well, and its expression can be induced by radiation. Shamay et al. designed fucoidan nanoparticles to take advantage of these observations. The nanoparticles, which contain chemotherapy drugs, bind to blood vessels expressing P-selectin and thus deliver drugs directly to tumors. This image depicts a melanoma lung metastasis, with all cell nuclei in blue, all blood vessels in green, and P-selectin shown in red. Blood vessels positive for P-selectin are yellow, highlighting their predominance in the tumor. [CREDIT: SHAMAY ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]