04 May 2016
Vol 8, Issue 337
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      • Sex (steroids) is in the AIRE

        Male and female hormones regulate autoimmunity by controlling T cell tolerance mechanisms.

      • Microbes make the cancer

        Changes in gut microbiota can promote intestinal tumor development by activating the epithelial calcineurin-NFAT pathway.

      • Extra! Extra! Microfluidic chips go to print

        Roll-to-roll manufacturing and inertial focusing principles are combined to achieve scalable yet low-cost microfluidic chips for cellular analyses.

      • New neural measures signal autism

        Function of a social perception circuit was successfully quantified and replicated in males with autism.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Hands-Free. The promise of going "hands-free" and allowing a robot to do all the work has eluded soft-tissue surgeries, such as in cardiovascular or gastrointestinal procedures, because the tissue is deformable. In this issue, Shademan and colleagues describe the design and operation of a robot that only requires surgeon supervision for soft-tissue surgery. The "smart tissue autonomous robot", or STAR, comes equipped with sophisticated imaging and surgical tools that together help the 'bot navigate the tissue and adapt to any movement. STAR was tested against other surgical techniques by expert surgeons for intestinal anastomoses in pigs. [CREDIT: SHEIKH ZAYED INSTITUTE, CHILDREN'S NATIONAL MEDICAL CENTER]