20 April 2016
Vol 8, Issue 335

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Plugging the Leaks in Sepsis. Sepsis, or severe systemic inflammation caused by an infection, is still a common cause of death even in the age of antibiotics, and there are no specific treatments available for it. Sepsis has a variety of effects on the body, and one of the most deadly is loss of blood vessel integrity, which causes fluid to leak out of blood vessels and into the tissues, including the lungs. The cover image depicts the lungs in a mouse model of sepsis, which are filling with fluid, shown in blue. In this issue, Han et al. report the discovery of an unusual antibody, which binds two of the proteins involved in blood vessel wall function and activates both of them, restoring vascular barrier function and preventing death in multiple mouse models of sepsis. A related focus by Parikh discusses the implications of this finding. [CREDIT: SEUNG-JUN LEE/CENTER FOR VASCULAR RESEARCH, INSTITUTE FOR BASIC SCIENCE, REPUBLIC OF KOREA]