08 July 2015
Vol 7, Issue 295

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ONLINE COVER Hear, Hear! Gene therapy may be used to treat genetic hearing loss, as demonstrated in deaf mice by Askew et al. Hearing-impaired mice with mutated or missing transmembrane channel–like 1 (Tmc1) were given adeno-associated viral vectors carrying Tmc1 or its ortholog, Tmc2. Cochlear hair cells (in green, MyosinVIIA) that were successfully transduced with either Tmc were able to express the channel proteins and, in turn, allow sensory transduction and partial hearing restoration in the animals. Phalloidin labeling (in red) identifies filamentous actin structures in hair cells and supporting cells. See the related Focus by Moser. [CREDIT: C. ASKEW/BOSTON CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL]