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The emerging field of mobile health

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Science Translational Medicine  15 Apr 2015:
Vol. 7, Issue 283, pp. 283rv3
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaa3487


  • Fig. 1. Sensing a shift in health care.

    Shown are bodywide measurements by mHealth technologies that are available to health care providers and patients to aid in the tracking, diagnosis, or management of various physiological processes and disease conditions. (Inset) Watching over one’s health. Multiple developers have reported that the listed physiological parameters are measurable with sensors in a wrist-worn device. BP, blood pressure; Hb, hemoglobin; STDs, sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Fig. 2. mHealth taking center stage.

    Measures are funding and number of related publications. Shown are the annual total funding for patient-facing mHealth companies and the annual number of related publications [identified with Web of Science (WoS) using search terms “telemedicine” and “mhealth*” and “digital health” and “digital medicine”]. Funding data provided by B. Dolan and A. Pai of MobiHealthNews.

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