01 April 2015
Vol 7, Issue 281

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ONLINE COVER Rushing to Treat. Even if only on Grey's Anatomy, we've all watched someone—on this week's cover, an infant—be whisked down a hospital corridor for emergency treatment. Also in a rush—to proliferate—are cardiac cells in normal, but not diseased, neonatal hearts. Now, Polizzotti et al. test whether the growth factor neuregulin could help heal young hearts by throwing dysfunctional cardiomyocytes into proliferation-overdrive if given to mice during the crucial neonatal period. Indeed, neuregulin stimulated heart muscle repair and function in newborn mice and in heart muscle from human infants when given during a specific therapeutic time period that must begin just after birth. As with many therapies, proper timing will be essential in the testing of this potential new therapeutic strategy for pediatric heart disease. [CREDIT: CEREBROCREATIVE/ISTOCKPHOTO]