18 March 2015
Vol 7, Issue 279

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ONLINE COVER Small RNAs Stimulate Regeneration. The adult heart has limited regenerative capacity. As such, Tian et al. decided to trigger a part of the Hippo signaling pathway that is active during heart development to ensure proper organ size. Increasing miR302-367, a microRNA cluster, in the postnatal adult heart encouraged cardiomyocytes to reenter the cell cycle and proliferate, as noted on the cover by the expression of phopsho-histone H3 (green). (The myocyte protein α-actinin is in red.) Transient treatment with a microRNA mimic decreased scarring and improved heart function after injury in mice, suggesting a viable therapeutic approach to cardiac repair and regeneration. See the related Focus by Martin and colleagues. [CREDIT: Y. TIAN/UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA]