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TOPK inhibitor induces complete tumor regression in xenograft models of human cancer through inhibition of cytokinesis

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Science Translational Medicine  22 Oct 2014:
Vol. 6, Issue 259, pp. 259ra145
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3010277

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Anticancer Drug Coming Out on TOPK

TOPK (T–lymphokine-activated killer cell–originated protein kinase) is a protein that is found in a wide range of human cancers and is believed to work as an oncogene, promoting tumor growth. Now, Matsuo et al. have developed a drug that can inhibit TOPK and can be delivered by multiple routes. The oral form of this drug was well tolerated by mice and allowed convenient and effective treatment. An intravenous form was even more effective, and providing it as a liposomal formulation was successful in eliminating hematological side effects while simultaneously promoting complete regression of the tumors. These results suggest that the TOPK inhibitor may be a viable anticancer agent, although human trials will be required before this drug can be used in the clinic.