06 August 2014
Vol 6, Issue 248

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ONLINE COVER B Cell Outsiders Moving In. Shown are representative lineages of clonally related immunoglobulin heavy chain variable regions found in the cerebral spinal fluid and peripheral blood of multiple sclerosis patients. Complementary studies by Palanichamy et al. and Stern et al. report that in multiple sclerosis patients, B cells found outside the central nervous system—in peripheral blood and draining cervical lymph nodes—share antigen specificity with intrathecal B cell repertoires. These data support the therapeutic use of monoclonal antibodies to prevent lymphocytes from crossing the blood-brain barrier or induce peripheral B cell depletion in multiple sclerosis patients. See the related Focus by Lu et al. [CREDIT: L. APELTSIN, H-C. VON BUEDINGEN/DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO]