30 July 2014
Vol 6, Issue 247

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Fat Cells Gain New Identities. There are three different types of fat cells or adipocytes: white, beige ("brite"), and brown. Sorting the "good fat" (brown and beige adipocytes) from the "bad fat" (typically white) in the human body has not been easy. Now Ussar et al. have discovered three new cell-surface markers of adipocytes. Importantly, these markers, which include P2RX5, stained green on brown adipocytes on the cover, are located on the surface of cells, which may help researchers to easily image fat depots in vivo or target drugs to a specific fat type. See related Focus by Nascimento et al. [CREDIT: K. Y. LEE/JOSLIN DIABETES CENTER AND HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL]