05 March 2014
Vol 6, Issue 226
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ONLINE COVER Clearing Out Clots. The formation of clots, or emboli, in small blood vessels is common, and the body responds by forcing them out by hemodynamic pressure or dissolving them by the fibrinolytic system. In this issue, Grutzendler et al. identify another clot-clearing mechanism called "angiophagy," where endothelial cells engulf the clot and pull it out of the vasculature, into the perivascular space. Although angiophagy initially blocks blood flow while encompassing the emboli, it ultimately removes clots and restores flow to organs such as the lung, kidney, brain, heart, and retina—the latter of which was demonstrated in humans. See related Focus by Iadecola. [CREDIT: V. ALTOUNIAN/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]