05 February 2014
Vol 6, Issue 222

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ONLINE COVER Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Life-Saving and Life-Threatening. Shown is a scanning electron microscopy image of a thrombotic occlusion in the capillaries of a heart-lung machine oxygenating the blood of rabbits not treated with an anticoagulant—a drug that blocks blood-clot formation. The fibrin meshwork (gray) with trapped blood cells (erythrocytes, in red) coats the gas-exchanging fibers of the oxygenator and interferes with its function. An anticoagulant would protect against occlusion but also can foil the body’s ability to stop bleeding at the site of injury. In this issue, Larsson et al. describe a new antibody that prevents thrombosis and facilitates blood flow in a heart-lung machine without causing bleeding in large animal models. See also the accompanying Focus by Schmaier. [CREDIT: K. HULTENBY/KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE]