13 November 2013
Vol 5, Issue 211

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ONLINE COVER Make No Bones About It. Shown is an undemineralized transverse tissue section through the mid-proximal femur of a 16-week-old mouse that had been administered a series of bone-seeking fluorochrome labels at different times prior to sacrifice [calcein (green) given at 2 weeks; alizarin complexone (red) given at 3.5 weeks; oxytetracycline (gold) given at 6 weeks; demeclocycline (orange) given at 10 weeks; calcein/oxytetracycline mixture (lime) given at 15 weeks; sacrifice was at 16 weeks]. The pale blue area inside the cortical ring is contracted marrow tissue that would fill the medullary cavity in living, fully hydrated bone. The labels become incorporated into mineralizing bone, thereby providing a record of the size, shape, and distribution of bone tissue throughout the growth phase of bone modeling. This technique was used by Kedlaya et al. in this issue of Science Translational Medicine to capture the osteoanabolic effects of sclerostin inhibition in a mouse model of osteoporosis pseudoglioma syndrome. [CREDIT: ALEXANDER G. ROBLING/INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE]