18 September 2013
Vol 5, Issue 203

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Young Blood Vessels in Bloom. This image displays retinal vasculature during postnatal development in a young mouse at postnatal day 5. The retina shown here is immunostained with antibodies against CD31 (a marker of endothelial cells, red), GFAP (an astrocyte marker, blue), and fibronectin (green). This image shows that fibronectin is distributed along the retinal astrocytes and that new blood vessels follow these preformed fibronectin scaffolds. In this week’s issue, Lee et al. demonstrate that angiopoietin-1 augments fibronectin synthesis and distribution on retinal astrocytes and enhances endothelial migration along the fibronectin scaffolds, leading to guided angiogenesis into ischemic areas of the retina. The authors show that angiopoietin-1 may be able to serve as a specific treatment for retinopathy by normalizing vascular structure and protecting retinal neurons from injury. [CREDIT: J. LEE/KAIST]