17 July 2013
Vol 5, Issue 194
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    • Editorial

      • Incidental Swimming with Millstones

        The medical genomics community needs carefully considered guidelines for the reporting of incidental findings.

    • Focus

      • Vector Decoys Trick the Immune Response

        Humoral immunity to adeno-associated viral vectors can be overcome by using empty capsid mutant “decoys” for preexisting antibodies (Mingozzi et al., this issue).

    • Commentary

      • Genomics in Clinical Practice: Lessons from the Front Lines

        This Commentary explores the challenges in launching a medical genomics clinic for whole genome sequencing and analysis of patient samples.

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About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER It's All in the Numbers. Preexisting AAV-specific antibodies (white) bind to excess mutated AAV empty capsids (brown). These empty capsids serve as decoys that prevent preexisting antibodies to AAV from binding to AAV8 gene delivery vectors (green). Thus, a subset of AAV8 vectors (green) can deliver their therapeutic gene cargo into the desired target cells, which consequently express the therapeutic protein. VandenDriessche and Chuah discuss the implications of these findings in an accompanying Focus article. [CREDIT: H. MCDONALD/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]