26 June 2013
Vol 5, Issue 191

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Connecting Bone and Implant. Orthopedic implants can loosen over time when they have not connected properly with the host bone. To prevent this loosening—and subsequent revision surgeries for patients—Shah et al. coated metal and plastic implants with alternating layers of bone growth-promoting materials. In the cover image, new bone (blue) can be seen integrating with the mature bone (red) in the tibiae of rats. The new bone is thought to grow from the surface of the implant, into the existing tissue. Listen to the related Podcast interview with Paula Hammond. [CREDIT: HAMMOND RESEARCH GROUP, THE HOPE BABETTE TANG (1983) HISTOLOGY FACILITY; M. BROWN, D. CROWLEY, AND K. CORMIER/ THE DAVID H. KOCH INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE CANCER RESEARCH AT MIT]