29 May 2013
Vol 5, Issue 187

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ONLINE COVER At the Heart of the Matter. Shown is a representative image of heart tissue from an adult mouse. In this tissue, pericytes (red, with nuclei stained blue) closely associate with the microvasculature (green) to provide crucial functional support. Chintalgattu and colleagues demonstrate that these pericytes are required for proper heart function, that they are depleted by the anticancer drug sunitinib malate, and that this mechanism underlies the cardiotoxic effects seen in some patients treated with this drug. They go on to provide evidence that thalidomide treatment may be an effective approach for mitigating these cardiotoxic side effects. See also the accompanying Focus by Moslehi and Cheng. [CREDIT: J. CULVER/BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE; V. CHINTALGATTU/AMGEN, INC.; M. DICKINSON/BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE; A. KHAKOO/AMGEN, INC.]