22 May 2013
Vol 5, Issue 186

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ONLINE COVER Aggressive Cancers See Red. Shown is a heat map where each rectangle represents expression of a germline or placental gene by a different tumor type. Cancer cells differ from their normal counterparts in many ways, thanks to a variety of genetic and epigenetic changes. One of these differences is the ability of cancers to express genes that are normally expressed only in germline or placental cells but not in adult tissues. Rousseaux and coauthors now show that the expression of such genes is quite common in a variety of different tumor types, and that lung cancers expressing these genes are more aggressive than lung tumors with other patterns of gene expression. In the image, the brighter the red of the rectangle, the more common is the expression of that gene in that type of cancer. For noncancerous tissues (other than the testis or placenta), a heat map like this would be solid black. [CREDIT: S. ROUSSEAUX/INSERM]