03 April 2013
Vol 5, Issue 179

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Crowning Achievement. Reminiscent of ancient stone pillars that once served as foundations for balconies of palaces and temples, the three towers of Singapore’s innovative Marina Bay Sands Hotel support the world's largest public cantilever. The platform, known as SkyPark, sports restaurants, gardens, and an observatory deck—features that cater to the differing needs of its visitors. For decades, the pharmaceutical industry’s therapeutics platform was supported by two pillars—small-molecule drugs and biologics. In this week’s Perspective, Fischbach et al. describe a scaffold for the construction of a third pillar: microbial and human cells as therapeutic engines. These versatile agents may permit precise tailoring of therapies that cater to the needs of individual patients with complex diseases. [CREDIT: ISTOCKPHOTO/MIRALEX]