A Correction to the Research Article Titled: “Mucosal Imprinting of Vaccine-Induced CD8+ T Cells Is Crucial to Inhibit the Growth of Mucosal Tumors” by F. Sandoval, M. Terme, M. Nizard, C. Badoual, M.-F. Bureau, L. Freyburger, O. Clement, E. Marcheteau, A. Gey, G. Fraisse, C. Bouguin, N. Merillon, E. Dransart, T. Tran, F. Quintin-Colonna, G. Autret, M. Thiebaud, M. Suleman, S. Riffault, T.-C. Wu, O. Launay, C. Danel, J. Taieb, J. Richardson, L. Zitvogel, W. H. Fridman, L. Johannes, E. Tartour

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Science Translational Medicine  27 Mar 2013:
Vol. 5, Issue 178, pp. 178er2
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3006129

There was an error in the author list. The correct spelling is Muhammad Suleman.

The corrected online version of the article is at, and the corrected PDF version of the article is at The corrected Supplementary Material is at

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