31 October 2012
Vol 4, Issue 158

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ONLINE COVER Raising Teamwork to an Art. The stunning Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey owes its magnificence to two centuries of development by myriad master craftsmen of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires—and to 20,000 handmade ceramic tiles forged by a flock of artists. This landmark symbolizes the combined efforts of participants in an art, architecture, and engineering partnership. In today's Turkey and other emerging economies around the world, biomedical scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are forming innovation partnerships with their counterparts in developed economies to convert scientific knowledge into social good and economic value. These partnerships transcend cultural, disciplinary, and national boundaries and have the potential to foster prosperity, well-being, and peace. In this week's editorial, Turkish-American engineer Banu Onaral describes the art and science of cultivating fruitful alliances between partners in advanced and advancing economies. In a related Podcast, Onaral shares her personal assessment of innovation in emerging economies, a perspective gained from years of service as an "innovation volunteer." [CREDIT: TRAVELER1116/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM]