05 September 2012
Vol 4, Issue 150
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      • The Nexus of Aβ, Aging, and Sleep

        Roh et al. report a positive feedback loop between sleep-wake irregularities and aggregation of β-amyloid (Aβ) peptide, suggesting that sleep alterations could be an early event in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

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    • Editors' Choice

      • Autoimmune TSA

        New tools help to understand how tolerance to self occurs.

      • Seeing Double to Recognize TB

        Detection of double-stranded Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA by the immune system leads to pathogen destruction via autophagy.

      • Nurture and Neurodevelopment

        Does institutionalization influence brain development?

      • How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

        Moderate alcohol blood concentrations hamper the development of new neurons in the adult rat hippocampus.

      • Immune from It All

        What our lungs can learn from our guts about mitigating bacterial infections.

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ONLINE COVER One Ring to Block HIV. Intravaginal rings (clear) can be an effective means of drug delivery and have improved adherence over other methods. Singer et al. show that the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor MIV-150 delivered by intravaginal rings protected macaques form simian HIV infection. This study supports of the development of intravaginal rings to prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. [CREDIT: C. BICKEL/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]