27 June 2012
Vol 4, Issue 140

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Oxygen on Demand. When a patient can't breathe, doctors use a mask or tube to deliver oxygen to the lungs. However, these interventions are ineffective when the airways are obstructed or injured. In this issue, Kheir and colleagues describe the creation of lipidic oxygen-containing microparticles (LOMs) that deliver oxygen gas to oxygen-deprived red blood cells (RBCs). Intravenous injection of the LOMs was able to prevent organ damage and save the lives of asphyxiated, critically ill rabbits. The scanning electron microscopy image on the cover shows the LOM, in yellow, sandwiched between two fully oxygenated RBCs; the bluish deoxygenated RBCs have yet to encounter a LOM. See the related Focus by Koehler. [CREDIT: D. KUNKEL/DENNIS KUNKEL MICROSCOPY, INC; D. BELL/HARVARD UNIVERSITY; J. KHEIR/CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BOSTON; C. PORTER/CHRIS PORTER ILLUSTRATION].