The Human Gut Microbiota and Undernutrition

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Science Translational Medicine  06 Jun 2012:
Vol. 4, Issue 137, pp. 137ps12
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3004347


  • Fig. 1. Tackling the scourge of undernutrition.

    Characterizing the interrelationships between the gut microbiota and nutritional status involves surveys of healthy and malnourished individuals representing different geographical locations, cultural traditions, and life-styles. These surveys require a comprehensive biospecimen collection effort including sampling of breast milk from mothers during the course of lactation, together with assessments of maternal and infant nutritional and metabolic status and microbial ecology. The images shown were taken at sites where sampling of infants, children, and their mothers are being conducted by the authors and their colleagues. (A to F) Malawi, (G) Amazonas state of Venezuela, (H and I) Bangladesh.

    CREDIT: Photos courtesy of Tanya Yatsenunko (A-E), Indi Trehan (F), Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello (G), and Amber Benezra and Joseph DeStefano (H, I) Bangladesh.

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