09 May 2012
Vol 4, Issue 133
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      • Three Strikes and You’re Cured

        Glucose tolerance can be restored in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes be abrogating autoimmunity and then exploiting the ability of pancreatic β cells to regenerate.

      • What’s a Genome Worth?

        A recent study (Roberts et al.) explores considerations in estimating the current and potential clinical utility of whole-genome sequencing for individual patients.

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      • Smoking Gets Ahold of Your Genes

        Methylation intensity of F2RL3 is lower in smokers and predicts mortality in patients with coronary heart disease.

      • The Brain Says Go!

        Specific neural networks are associated with impulse control in teenagers.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Casting About for a Cure. Something welcome this way comes. New work by Wang et al. in this issue describes an integrative approach that cures newly diagnosed and established disease in a robust mouse model of type 1 diabetes. Disease reversal required a three-part therapy to stop autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells and enhance beta cell regeneration. With the exception of anti-CD8 antibody administration, all other treatments in this curative therapeutic regimen have been tested individually in human type 1 diabetes patients, thus suggesting a path for the translation of this multifaceted approach to a cure. See also the accompanying Focus by Chong and Bell. [CREDIT: Y. HAMMOND/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]