04 January 2012
Vol 4, Issue 115
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      • Triple Whammy

        Tripartite vaccine generates antibody and cellular immune responses to tumor-associated MUC1.

      • How Do You Handle Your Antibodies?

        Genome-wide association study of a rare complex disease implicates an immunoglobulin receptor variant.

      • A Less Controversial Colon Cleanser?

        A computerized form of colon cleansing might increase public compliance with cancer screening guidelines.

    • Podcast

      • Science Translational Medicine Podcast: 4 January 2012

        A conversation with Alfredo Nicosia about the discovery of new adenoviruses that will help to make better vaccines to treat human diseases.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Getting Personal. Mapping of DNA loci related to human diseases and genome-wide messenger RNA profiling have occurred on an unprecedented scale. But individual genes operate in molecular networks that define disease-associated biological and pathological events. In this issue, Schadt and Björkegren describe the crafting of probabilistic causal networks that are critical for understanding the behavior of any one gene in the context of human disease. The future of biomedicine relies on such multidimensional networks, because they permit the modeling of human physiology and the pinpointing of pathology drivers of complex diseases in individual patients. [CREDIT: B. STRAUCH/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]