04 May 2011
Vol 3, Issue 81

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Branching Out. Dendrimers are highly branched, "tree-like" polymers that can be used as vehicles for targeted drug delivery. In this issue, Hayder et al. show that a dendrimer itself is capable of alleviating the painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in mice. Their phosphorus-capped dendrimer targets immune cells to promote an anti-inflammatory response, which decreases paw swelling. The molecule also prevents osteoclast differentiation—an important feature that preserves the cartilage and prevents joint damage, as highlighted in the cover image. [CREDIT: M. HAYDER/INSERM AND T. AL SAATI AND F. CAPILLA/INSTITUT FÉDÉRATIF DE RECHERCHE BIO-MEDICALE DE TOULOUSE]