20 April 2011
Vol 3, Issue 79
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      • HIV-1 Vaccines and Adaptive Trial Designs

        Development of an HIV vaccine could be accelerated by testing candidate vaccines using adaptive clinical trial designs.

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    • Editors' Choice

      • Fishing for Answers

        A zebrafish model of tuberculosis reveals new insights into how drug tolerance emerges in mycobacteria.

      • The Power of Epistasis

        Mutations in human immunodeficiency virus genes work together to heighten drug resistance.

      • Actionable Pharmacogenetics for Epilepsy

        An HLA allele is a major genetic risk factor for a severe adverse reaction to an anti-epileptic drug in Europeans.

      • Breast Cancer Imaging Goes Green

        Near-infrared imaging of the breasts after intravenous injection of indocyanine green distinguishes benign from malignant lesions.

About The Cover

Cover image expansion

ONLINE COVER Tiny and Targeted. This stylized image shows a nanoparticle designed for detection by optical spectroscopy, via the Raman effect. The 60-nanometer gold core magnifies the Raman signal emitted by small organic molecules (orange), which are held in place on the particle surface by a silica shell (gray). Coating the surface with polyethylene glycol (green) shields the particle from detection by the immune system and provides an attachment site for targeting groups, in this case antibodies depicted in purple. In a Research Article in this issue, Thakor et al. comprehensively analyze this particle for possible toxicity in preparation for its use in patients. [CREDIT: J. JOKERST/STANFORD UNIVERSITY]