02 February 2011
Vol 3, Issue 68
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      • Estrogen and Energy Balance

        Nonclassical estrogen signaling mediates estrogen’s effect on metabolism.

      • Adiponectin Battles Ceramides

        The beneficial effects of adiponectin are mediated through the ceramidase activity of its receptor.

      • Going With the Flow

        Prolonged growth factor delivery using a hydrogel improves blood vessel formation in the heart.

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About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER From One, Many. Surgical transplantation of vascular grafts is required for coronary artery bypass in heart attack patients or to provide access for dialysis for kidney disease patients. Dahl and colleagues have developed a method to bioengineer blood vessels in a bioreactor that can be used in these operations. They grow human donor cells on biodegradable scaffolds that secrete an extracellular matrix, which forms the blood vessels. They then make the bioengineered blood vessels nonimmunogenic by stripping away the donor cells so that the grafts will not provoke an immune reaction when transplanted into patients. So, as the cover image depicts, blood vessels grown from one donor can be transplanted into many patients. [CREDIT: STEVEN R. CONLON]