19 January 2011
Vol 3, Issue 66

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ONLINE COVER A Stranglehold on Cancer. The image shows blood vessels (red) infiltrating a tumor (tan). The endothelial cells that line blood vessels have long been thought to play a passive role in cancer progression, facilitating the transport of oxygen and nutrients into the growing tumor. Franses et al. now show that endothelial cells are not just passive bystanders but, in fact, actively discourage tumor proliferation by secreting molecules such as the extracellular matrix protein perlecan. They show that perlecan secreted by endothelial cells blocks the growth of liver and breast tumors and prevents them from invading other tissues. Endothelial cell-derived antitumor molecules like perlecan may provide fresh leads for developing new drugs to combat cancer. [CREDIT: C. BICKEL/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]