A Correction to the Research Article Titled: “Dosage Thresholds for AAV2 and AAV8 Photoreceptor Gene Therapy in Monkey” by L. H. Vandenberghe, P. Bell, A. M. Maguire, C. N. Cearley, R. Xiao, R. Calcedo, L. Wang, M. J. Castle, A. C. Maguire, R. Grant, J. H. Wolfe, J. M. Wilson, J. Bennett

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Science Translational Medicine  07 Dec 2011:
Vol. 3, Issue 112, pp. 112er9
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3003483

Errors have been found in Fig. 2, panel C, and in the text of the legend for Fig. 2, panels A and C. The correct versions of Fig. 2 and its legend can be found in the corrected online version of this article at The corrected PDF version of the article is at

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