09 November 2011
Vol 3, Issue 108
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      • Harmonization of Immune Biomarker Assays for Clinical Studies

        Harmonizing immune assay use in clinical trials could reduce data variability and support immune biomarker development.

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      • An Oncogene Arises

        A new candidate oncogene for ovarian cancer emerges from a genome-wide scan of both common and rare genetic variants.

      • Yo-Yo Dieting: Biology or Behavior?

        Patient study identifies changes in key metabolic hormones that may promote weight regain after dieting.

      • A Supplement to Treat Diabetes?

        Nicotinamide mononucleotide reverses defects in NAD+ biosynthesis and glucose metabolism in mice with type 2 diabetes.

      • Genetic Markers of In-Stent Thrombosis

        Variants of genes involved in drug metabolism and coagulation can predict the risk of in-stent thrombosis after coronary angiography.

      • Engineering Connections

        Bioengineered blood vessels can connect with host blood vessels after transplantation.

About The Cover

Cover image expansion

ONLINE COVER Through the Eyes of an (Automated) Pathologist. Sections of breast cancer tissue stained with hemotoxylin and eosin. Below is the type of image used by pathologists to determine the tumor grade, an index of cancer severity based on features such as distorted nuclei and dividing cells. Above is the same image, scored by the machine-learning protocol C-path as described by Beck et al., with features identified computationally. Tumor tissue is identified by red and gray nuclei, while the surrounding stromal matrix is green. [CREDIT: A.H. BECK AND R.J. MARINELLI/STANFORD UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE]