19 October 2011
Vol 3, Issue 105

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ONLINE COVER As Sly as a Fox. Despite its vampiric appearance, this Pteropus fruit bat (or flying fox) feeds mostly on nectar, blossoms, pollen, and fruit. Flying foxes are the largest bats in the world, with wingspans ranging from a few inches to 5 feet in width. They are the natural reservoir of Henipaviruses such as Hendra virus and Nipah virus, which can cause lethal infections in farm animals such as horses and pigs. Human exposure to infected farm animals can be fatal. Now, Bossart et al. have developed a human neutralizing antibody that can protect African Green monkeys from lethal Hendra virus infection up to 3 days after infection. Although further testing is still required, these data support a potential therapeutic role for this antibody in battling this insidious virus. [CREDIT: FOTOSEARCH]