10 November 2010
Vol 2, Issue 57
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      • Breathe Bitter, Breathe Easy!

        Bitter taste receptors in lungs might help relax asthmatic airways.

      • New Cellular Culprits in Gaucher's Disease

        Gaucher's disease is caused by defects in osteoblasts, dendritic cells, and T cells, as well as macrophages.

      • The Virus in the Machine

        HIV interferes with dopamine function in the brain's subcortical motor system, explaining some of its neurological effects.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Twice Transplanted Muscles. A cross section of fibers from a mouse tibialis anterior muscle containing transplanted satellite cells labeled with green fluorescent protein (GFP) (green). The transplanted cells were themselves derived from a mouse into which GFP-labeled satellite cells had been transferred from a third donor mouse. As Hall et al. show, these cells are capable of extensive self-renewal through two serial transplants and are located under the basal lamina (red) of the muscle fibers. [CREDIT: J. K. HALL/UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO]