26 May 2010
Vol 2, Issue 33
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      • Metabolic Signatures of Exercise in Human Plasma

        Measurement by mass spectrometry of 200 blood metabolites reveals that individuals who are more fit respond more effectively to exercise, as shown by larger exercise-induced increase in glycerol.

      • Proteins Required for Centrosome Clustering in Cancer Cells

        Identified in an RNA interference screen, proteins that prevent spindle multipolarity in human cancer cells may prove to be promising drug targets.

    • Editors' Choice

      • New Hope for Premature Newborns

        A recently characterized enzyme is required for the production of a key component of lung surfactant and facilitates the transition to air breathing.

      • Crime Is Its Own Reward

        Excessive dopamine signaling in the brain’s reward system may underlie antisocial behavior.

      • Differentiation Block in Glioma

        The glioma genome project leads to the discovery of an oncogene that may promote tumor formation by blocking differentiation of neural stem cells.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER A Three-Way Tug of War. This cancer cell is dividing and contains organizing centers from which the microtubules (green) project. These fibers connect to the chromosomes (blue) and pull them apart for segregation into daughter cells. This cell has three, rather than the usual two, organizing centers and in this configuration cannot successfully divide. It will ultimately die. Drugs that encourage these abnormal structures in cancer cells can cause cells to self-destruct and may prove useful in the clinic to treat cancer. (See Leber et al.) [CREDIT: BETTINA MAIER]