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Driving Drug Discovery: The Fundamental Role of Academic Labs

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Science Translational Medicine  05 May 2010:
Vol. 2, Issue 30, pp. 30cm16
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3000169
  • Table 1. Illustrative examples of academic labs that are contributing to the drug discovery process.

    IDs, infectious diseases; CVs, cardiovascular diseases.

    InstitutionIllustrative disease focusAreas of basic research and drug discovery
    Disease biology/gene discoveryChemical biology/pathwaysDisease target identificationDrug target identificationDrug target validationDevelopment of assays to screen compoundsHigh-throughput screeningIdentification of chemical hits and leadsLead testing in animal modelsSAR/lead optimizationPreclinical candidate identificationClinical candidate selectionDose range-finding toxicologyPhase IPhase IIPhase III
    Broad InstituteAging, cancer, diabetes, IDs************
    Burnham InstituteCancer, diabetes, obesity************
    Cal TechAddiction*****
    Case Western ReserveCancer***********
    Columbia U.Cancer, CVs, neurological diseases, IDs*********
    Duke U.Aging, cancer**************
    Emory U.Cancer, IDs, inflammation************
    Georgetown U.Cancer******
    Harvard U.Cancer, CVs, NDDs************
    Memorial Sloan-KetteringCancer**********
    MITAging, cancer*****
    Mt. SinaiCancer***********
    Northwestern U.Cancer*****
    Ohio State U.Cancer**************
    Purdue U.Cancer*******
    Rockefeller U.Cancer, obesity*****
    Scripps InstituteCancer, CVs, immune diseases, IDs*********
    Stanford U.Cancer, others**********
    U. of ChicagoCancer******
    U. of CincinnatiCancer, diabetes, obesity********
    U. of ColoradoPain/general***
    U. of GeorgiaCancer, IDs****
    U. of KansasCancer*************
    U. of MichiganAlzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes*******
    U. of MinnesotaCancer***********
    U. of North CarolinaCancer*****
    U. of PensylvaniaCancer********
    U. of PittsburghOrphan/neglected diseases**********
    U. of Texas SouthwesternCVs, neurogenesis*******
    U. of UtahCancer****
    U. of WashingtonCancer****
    U. of WisconsinIDs*******
    UC BerkeleyAIDS, cancer, diabetes, IDs******
    UC Los AngelesAging, diabetes, obesity*********
    UC San DiegoPediatric diseases****
    UC San FranciscoCancer, CVs, immune diseases, IDs, metabolic diseases, NDDs***************
    UC Santa CruzCancer, viral***
    Vanderbilt U.Cancer, obesity******
    Washington U.Aging, cancer*****

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