06 January 2010
Vol 2, Issue 13
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    • Perspective

      • Antisense Gets a Grip on miR-122 in Chimpanzees

        Hepatitis C virus–infected chimpanzees were treated with an antisense RNA that binds to and blocks the function of a microRNA that enhances viral replication without causing major side effects.

    • Research Articles

      • Modeling an Anti-Amyloid Combination Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

        Simultaneous reduction of two of the enzymes that create the plaque-forming peptide β-amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease ameliorates symptoms in aged mice better than elimination of either enzyme alone.

      • Elafin Is a Biomarker of Graft-Versus-Host Disease of the Skin

        Plasma elafin concentrations correlate with graft-versus-host disease of the skin and long-term survival.

    • Editors' Choice

      • Personalized Medicine Progresses One Base at a Time

        A high-fidelity, low-cost, scalable platform for whole-genome sequencing may reveal rare genetic variants and catalyze genomics-based personalized medicine.

      • Saving Lives by Screening Out

        The protein responsible for inducing the acute respiratory distress that can happen after blood transfusions is identified in human blood cells.

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER The heart of health care reform. In this issue, Greenwood argues that biomedical innovation is central to the success of health care reform. In the current economic climate, policy-makers can play an important role in bolstering biotechnology companies to preserve the flow of biomedical innovation. Without this help, invested resources will be lost. [CREDIT: C. BICKEL/AAAS]