14 July 2021
Vol 13, Issue 602

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ONLINE COVER Targeting Tumors. These images show a positron emission tomography/computed tomography scan of a mouse with a B78 melanoma tumor in its flank imaged 3, 24, and 48 hours after administration of an alkylphosphocholine molecule (NM600) chelated to yttrium (86Y-NM600). The scans show that 86Y-NM600 semi-selectively targets and is retained by the tumor. Patel et al. investigated the use of low-dose targeted radionuclides as an immunomodulatory radiation therapy to enhance response to immune checkpoint inhibitors. The authors showed that combination of 90Y-NM600 with immune checkpoint inhibition could result in complete responses to treatment in tumor-bearing mice. Combining radionuclide treatment and checkpoint inhibition with external beam radiotherapy also improved responses in mice bearing multiple tumors, highlighting that this targeted radionuclide therapy merits further investigation in humans. [CREDIT: PATEL ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]