05 May 2021
Vol 13, Issue 592

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Engineering Inspired by a Marine Crustacean. The compound eyes of the mantis shrimp (pictured) are a marvel of biological engineering, with 16 types of cone cells positioned on two eyestalks providing highly efficient visual information unmatched by any man-made spectral camera. Using the mantis shrimp eyes as their guide, Blair et al. designed a camera with vertically stacked silicon photodetectors and spectral filters positioned on a single chip that detected multiple colors and near-infrared light. This hexachromatic camera distinguished healthy tissue from cancerous tissue in tumor-bearing mice and enabled surgeons to map lymph nodes close to tumors in patients with breast cancer undergoing surgical resection. This bioinspired camera may have a bright future in image-guided cancer surgery. [CREDIT: GEORGETTE DOUWMA/MINDEN]