17 March 2021
Vol 13, Issue 585

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ONLINE COVER Necessary Neutralization. This image depicts a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) broadly neutralizing antibody, PGT121 (blue), bound to an Fc receptor (red) and interacting with HIV envelope protein on the surface of an infected cell (white and teal). In this study, Hangartner et al. treated rhesus macaques with variants of PGT121 that are unable to bind Fc receptors to understand if Fc receptor binding is required to mediate protection by PGT121. They found that variants which can only function by neutralization were equally effective at protecting female macaques against intravaginal simian-HIV infection. These results demonstrate that certain broadly neutralizing antibodies may not require Fc receptors to mediate protection. [CREDIT: L. HANGARTNER AND C. CORBACI/THE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE]