10 March 2021
Vol 13, Issue 584

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ONLINE COVER Modulating Microparticles. This scanning electron micrograph shows an immune-homeostatic microparticle (IHM) that can be loaded with molecules that target autoreactive immune cells. Current treatments for autoimmunity rely on broad immunosuppression that put individuals at increased risk of infection or cancer, and treatments to specifically target pathogenic immune cells are needed. To target autoreactive immune cells more selectively, Chen et al. generated IHMs that simultaneously induced death of pathogenic, autoreactive T cells and promoted expansion of regulatory T cells. IHMs reduced disease severity in mouse models of colitis, diabetes, and neuroinflammation, suggesting that specific targeting of pathogenic immune cells may be a treatment strategy for multiple autoimmune diseases. [CREDIT: CHEN ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]