25 November 2020
Vol 12, Issue 571

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ONLINE COVER Protein Trafficking. This image represents one of the major hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD): the secretion of proteins from neurons into the extracellular space and subsequent accumulation in the cerebrospinal fluid. AD is characterized by defective retromer-mediated endosomal trafficking that can cause alterations in protein secretion. Simoes et al. developed a mouse model of retromer-dependent endosomal trafficking impairment and identified the proteins that subsequently accumulated in the cerebrospinal fluid. The three most relevant proteins, TAU, APLP1, and CHL1, were then validated in cerebrospinal fluid isolated from patients with AD. The results help to shed light on the mechanisms mediating extracellular protein accumulation in AD. [CREDIT: NICOLETTA BAROLINI]