23 September 2020
Vol 12, Issue 562

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ONLINE COVER Observations in Osteoarthritis. This three-dimensional microcomputed tomography model depicts bone architecture in the medial region of the knee joint of a patient with osteoarthritis. Haberkamp et al. mapped joint malalignment and spatial load distribution in varus knee osteoarthritis, a condition of cartilage and bone degeneration in which the lower limbs deviate from axial alignment (bow-leggedness). Joint malalignment reduced load in the lateral region of the knee, which was compensated for by overload of the medial region. Markers of osteoarthritis were also decreased in the lateral region in comparison to the medial region. Incorporating joint alignment analysis in osteoarthritis assessment could detect location-dependent structural changes and identify strategies to rebalance load to prevent disease progression. [CREDIT: HABERKAMP ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]