15 July 2020
Vol 12, Issue 552

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Promising Antiplatelet Peptide Particles. The image shows a scanning electron micrograph of an activated platelet. Current antiplatelet drugs are effective against occlusive thrombosis caused by activated platelets but can result in hemorrhage. The peptide mP6 inhibited thrombosis without hemorrhage in preclinical models, but inefficient and impractical delivery hindered its therapeutic use. Pang et al. incorporated modified mP6 in lipid-stabilized, high-loading peptide nanoparticles (HLPNs) and showed increased delivery efficiency compared to mP6 alone. In mouse models, the HLPNs prevented thrombosis without affecting bleeding and prevented cardiac dysfunction and inflammation caused by myocardial ischemia. [CREDIT: STEVE GSCHMEISSENER/SCIENCE SOURCE]