17 June 2020
Vol 12, Issue 548

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ONLINE COVER Killing Candidiasis. In this image Candida albicans looks benign, but disseminated Candida infections can be lethal. To better understand why individuals with end-stage kidney disease are prone to disseminated candidiasis, Jawale et al. studied systemic fungal infection in kidney disease using mouse models. The authors found neutrophil dysfunction due to inappropriate activation of the protein glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β), resulting in decreased reactive oxygen species production. Treatment with a clinically approved GSK3β inhibitor, lithium chloride, improved neutrophil function and reduced fungal burden in uremic mice and cells from patients. These studies support further assessment of GSK3β inhibitors in individuals with end-stage kidney disease and disseminated Candida infections. [CREDIT: GARY CARLSON/SCIENCE SOURCE]