01 April 2020
Vol 12, Issue 537

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ONLINE COVER Navigating the Narrows. These pseudocolored three-dimensional angiograms show a tissue-engineered vascular graft at 6 weeks (left) and at 1 year (right) after implantation in a lamb. Upon observing unexpected graft narrowing (stenosis) months after surgery, Drews et al. halted a clinical study implanting polymer grafts seeded with bone marrow–derived cells to correct single-ventricle cardiac anomalies in human pediatric patients. Computational modeling and experiments in lambs demonstrated similar stenosis 6 weeks after graft implantation (left angiogram in image). However, graft stenosis resolved without surgical intervention within 1 year after implantation in lambs (right angiogram in image). Results suggest grafts may spontaneously resolve stenosis during remodeling, supporting further use of tissue-engineered vascular grafts for cardiac applications. [CREDIT: KEJAL SHAH]