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Abundant HIV-infected cells in blood and tissues are rapidly cleared upon ART initiation during acute HIV infection

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Science Translational Medicine  04 Mar 2020:
Vol. 12, Issue 533, eaav3491
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aav3491

Clearing a path for an HIV cure

Curing HIV is more feasible if we better understand the formation of the latent viral reservoir. Leyre et al. studied longitudinal blood and tissue samples during acute HIV infection. The large pool of infected cells present at early stages did not survive antiretroviral treatment. Infected cells at later stages were more prevalent in lymphoid tissues than in blood. These results show that most infected targets are cleared with early treatment, but HIV+ cells that remain after a certain stage are more likely to persist. These persistent cells are the ones that will need to be eradicated for a cure to be achieved.

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