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Selective activation of TWIK-related acid-sensitive K+ 3 subunit–containing channels is analgesic in rodent models

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Science Translational Medicine  20 Nov 2019:
Vol. 11, Issue 519, eaaw8434
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaw8434

A pain-relieving task(3)

Potassium channels play a major role in determining neuronal excitability, and recent evidence suggests a major role for potassium currents in the pathophysiology of acute and chronic pain. In a new study, Liao et al. developed and characterized a selective agonist for TWIK-related acid-sensitive K+ 3 (TASK-3) channel called CHET3, with analgesic properties. Systemic administration of CHET3 in rodent models of acute and chronic pain had potent analgesic activity by reducing nociceptive neuron excitability. The results suggest that TASK-3 might be an effective therapeutic target for treating acute and chronic pain.

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