13 November 2019
Vol 11, Issue 518

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ONLINE COVER Small Particles, Big Implications. Micronutrient deficiencies contribute to impaired growth and disease and are a leading public health concern in the developing world. This image illustrates encapsulated micronutrient release in the stomach for absorption in the intestine. To improve oral micronutrient delivery, Anselmo et al. formulated heat-stable polymeric microparticles that encapsulated 11 micronutrients, including vitamins A, B2, B12, and iron. Encapsulation stabilized micronutrients against degradation induced by boiling water or cooking and other environmental conditions. The authors performed two clinical trials and experiments in rodents and an in vitro human intestinal tissue model to optimize microparticle formulations, improving iron loading, stability during cooking, and bioavailability while allowing for scale-up. This microparticle platform could help improve oral delivery of micronutrients. [CREDIT: SECOND BAY STUDIOS]