02 October 2019
Vol 11, Issue 512

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ONLINE COVER Stimulation Steps Forward. Current prostheses lack sensory feedback, which limits mobility and increases cognitive burden of leg amputees. This image represents a potential solution proposed by Petrini et al. The authors developed a leg prothesis equipped with real-time proprioceptive feedback (sense of body position and movement) delivered through nerve stimulation. Testing the neuroprosthetic device in three transfemoral leg amputees showed that the on-demand and location-specific nerve stimulation improved mobility and agility, decreased falls, and reduced cognitive effort in performing active tasks. The results suggest that sensory feedback delivered via nerve stimulation could improve prosthetic control and quality of life for transfemoral leg amputees. [CREDIT: GIACOMO VALLE AND FRANCESCO PETRINI; DAVIDE MAGGIANO/BPLANCENTER]